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Playing Guitar
Playing Piano

  Lessons Tailored to You  

"They keep you entertained throughout the lessons and aren't afraid to push you to your limits, making them fun and definitely worthwhile."

Limited offer:
4 x 30min lessons for just £7 each!

  Introductory Lessons  

Book in an introductory lesson and have one of our experienced tutors take you through the basics of your chosen instrument. In this relaxed session our tutors will get to know your musical preferences and goals, and will demonstrate what to expect from your lessons here at Tunedin. 
If you enjoy your first lesson, extend your introductory period and get your next 3 lessons for just £30 Click Here for details.

 One to One Tuition  

Tunedin Music School offers fun and professional one-to-one tuition for all ages and skill levels. Our modern method utilises the music you love to build a course tailored to your interests and goals, while covering the required techniques to make you the musician you hope to be.

  Grades & Exams  

Here at Tunedin Music School grades are optional, but for students wishing to pursue grades we offer the hugely popular RGT, ABRSM, LCM and Rockschool exam boards. For younger students grades may be useful for obtaining UCAS points, which can help students get into their choice of University!

  Group Lessons   

All lessons are the same price no matter who comes along. Should you want to bring a family member along for some extra support, or tag along with a friend for some friendly competition. 

  Home Tuition    

Are you interested in learning a new instrument but struggling to get to our studio? No Problem!
Both one-to-one and group lessons are available for home tuition in guitar, bass and ukelele. One of our tutors will travel to you and provide you with the same top quality lessons as you would experience here at our studio. Prices for home lessons are negotiated with tutors depending on your location.

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