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JM Music Tuition becomes Tunedin Music School

JM Music Tuition has been providing music tuition in Rotherham for 9 years to hundreds of students. During this time we have seen some incredible young musicians develop their skills and helped mature students rediscover their passion for music. We have seen so many students arrive as complete beginners, and have continued to guide them through their first band, auditions, college, university and beyond. Those who come along to learn simply as an extra hobby for a bit of fun have developed into incredible musicians, joining bands and performing with others. There are even students who have moved away for university or work who still come to visit and maintain contact for advice and help with their current projects. JM Music Tuition has been a big part of some peoples musical journey, but just as some musicians have moved on into greater things, it is time for JM to evolve into something new. With JM founder Jim McGrother moving on to concentrate on his musical career, it was seen fit to make changes to the management of the business with ownership being transferred to JM's longest serving guitar tutor William Price (me!). With a change in ownership comes a new name 'Tunedin Music School', which will set in motion a whole bunch of changes for the future development of the business as well as the lessons and services available to our students. I personally would like to send a big thank you to Jim for all he has done for all our students and tutors since the beginnings of JM Music Tuition. But now we look on to the future! and the first step... DECORATING!!

Tunedin Music School | Music Tuition Rotherham 07871 002 645

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